I was Vegetarian for 90 Days and Here’s What Happened

The reality is, nothing drastic happened at all. However, I think everyone should try and be a vegetarian at least once in their life. Maybe not for 90 days but at least a month. One surprising thing that I gained from going vegetarian is learning that my stomach is very sensitive to soy. One tempeh blt sandwich and I’m okay, but not in addition of a soy chorizo burrito for breakfast. Surprisingly, my vegan friend told me soy isn’t actually all that great for you either! This is something I never would have learned if I hadn’t cut out meat from my diet. But, for 90 days I got to go out and try new veggie based foods and I found out how much I genuinely enjoyed them! There are lots of foods that I now eat on a regular basis, that I never would of tried otherwise. There are days I don’t eat meat and I don’t even realize it.

Being a vegetarian isn’t for everyone, but adding more vegetables and fruits is! Not ready for the full month commitment? Try doing a Meatless Monday and add on from there. Here are a few of my favorite veggie based foods to start out with!

1. Trader Ming’s Kung Pao Tempura Cauliflower
2. Chipotle bowl or burrito with extra veggies and no meat
3. Whole Foods TTLA Sandwich
4. Trader Joe’s Vegetable Gyoza
5. Black bean and cheese taquitos with Guacamole

Extra: This might not be vegetable based but, the Veggie Burger at Fat Burger is better then the original!

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