How to build a Last Minute Valentine’s Day Outfit Straight from your Closet

Last minute plans happen to all of us, so here’s a fool proof formula on how to build the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit from stuff you already own!

1. First things first. We need to look through and see if there’s any red or pink in your closet, or anything remotely close such as a berry or maroon, or even a baby light pink will work!

2. Can’t find any traditional colors? Grab a nice white, silver, or gold piece.

3. Next step is to pair your “festive piece” with either black, blue, or white top or bottom. So, if you are wearing a pink skirt, throw on a white shirt, or if you’re wearing a red top, try on a pair of black jeans.

4. Shoes. Sometimes this is the most difficult part. You can never go wrong with a pair of boots, but if those aren’t working. Grab a pair of nude, grey, or white shoes and match them with you’re outfit.

5. Lastly we need to accessorize! Add some sparkle with a necklace or pair of earrings and top off with your favorite jacket to keep you warm, because you know, winter.

But if none of this sounds like anything you own, go with your little black dress and a pair of white, red, or black heels. Throw on a leather or denim jacket over it and your last minute Valentine’s outfit will be complete; no shopping required.

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