Perfect Fall Getaway

What makes the perfect Fall Getaway?

Fall is always the start of the busiest time of the year for me, so I always try and make it a priority to take one weekend and relax and really enjoy the season. Being from Southern California it can be hard to get those serious fall vibes, so these are things to look for in an ideal fall destination.

This place needs to have some pretty fall colors, red, green, yellow, orange, maybe even a little pink if your lucky. There also needs to be an abundance of hot coffee and/or tea available at a moments notice, to help warm up those chilly fall days. One specialty dish that they are famous for! What’s the point of traveling if you can’t try new and delicious food? And lastly, you should still be able to go outside without freezing you fingers off, a place with weather 60 degrees or over. That way you can explore in a cozy flannel or sweater and not worry about being uncomfortably warm or cold. This sound like a lot of places you know? Pick the one that been on your bucket list for awhile now, and take a trip. Everyone needs a little adventure.