Why You Need To Visit Berlin

Berlin, Germany

With so many different and unique cities scattered across Europe. Berlin is not always one that people get to visit in their lifetime. Here is why you should make Berlin a stop on your next trip.

Berlin is the capital of one of the most talked about countries in the 20th century. Of course, not all reasons are good reasons, but for one place to overcome so much division and hate, it is truly remarkable to see how far this little city has come. Start at museum island and gawk at the ancient artifacts then move on the the architectural marvels all around the city. Berlin has been built and rebuilt and rebuilt again, and even just walking down the Spree River, you can travel through time. Germany has gone through a lot of changes, from the Holy Roman Empire to World War I and World War II, all the way up to the destruction of the Berlin Wall. History is everywhere.

Another great reason if you aren’t a History buff like me, is all the great food. From pizza to gelato to bratwursts. I didn’t eat one thing in Berlin that I didn’t like. The bratwursts aren’t as terrifying as they sound, it was one of the best sausages I had ever tried. The pizza has more Italian influence and of course the gelato is just as rich and creamy as you would expect!

I could go on and on about Berlin and why you should go. Besides the history and the food, two practical reasons to visit is the public transportation system and most people speak English! Their unlock transportation is easy to navigate, and not as hot as some other underground systems I have used. Just don’t forget to validate your ticket!! The people are friendly and are willing to help out if needed. I fell in love with the beautiful city of Berlin and can’t wait to go back!

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