Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

Being a California native, going to Las Vegas has always been a go-to weekend trip. This time when I went, I was able to have a good balance of fun and relaxation, which is the key to any good vacation. For people who have never been to Las Vegas, it can be a bit overwhelming, with tons of hotels each with their own shows, restaurants, and exhibits. Depending on how long your stay is, it can be stressful trying to plan, however many things on the Strip are NOT worth the time or money. I only went for a weekend, and on a limited budget, so I did not have a chance to do everything, but the things I did do filled up my weekend and I only spent about $200 the entire time. This number is including transportation via Lyft, but does not include my hotel stay.

In Vegas most people come for the drinking and the gambling, while fun, it can start to add up very quickly. If you do gamble, make sure you get a drink from the nice waitress that comes around. TIP: If you are gambling, drinks are technically on the house, however you should tip the waitress about $5 or so for the drink when she comes back. If you are not a gambler, you can bring your own booze and walk around with it. I always see multiple people walking around with open beer cans and bottles of other various alcohol. If bringing alcohol doesn’t seem like a good option for you, there are some pretty good deals on the strip, one of my go to’s is Fat Tuesday, which I talk about more in the food section of my site.

The Las Vegas Strip is technically made up of one street, but this street is not one you can walk the whole way down. I took a Lyft to the middle of the strip and then proceeded to walk down and explore the sites. I first went to the Cosmopolitan to get a snack then headed over to The Miracle mile shoppes in search of more alcohol. Finally after my Fat Tuesday Cup was full, we went over to Caesar’s Palace and people watched in the Fourm Shops. So far with my snack and drink, I have only spent about $20.

In the shops you can just walk and window shop, or spend some money if you are not on a tight budget. I was on a budget so after walking through the shoppes, we headed over to The Venetian to visit a bakery for some more snacks to satisfy my sweet tooth for only $7. After exploring several shops and walking a few miles, we decided to Lyft back to our hotel. TIP: Staying on The Strip can be more expensive, however pay attention to how far you stay off the strip, Lyft and Uber rides can add up quickly.

Arriving back at the hotel, it was time to relax and use the hotel pool, spa, and waterslides. The rest of the afternoon was spent keeping our buzz going and keeping cool in the desert heat.

Las Vegas can be expensive and add up quickly, however if you balance a good amount of paid entertainment, with free entertainment you can get away with a lot more bang for your buck then you think.


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