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Sarah Chloe Personalized Jewelry

Rings have always been one of my favorite ways to accessorize, you can wear five, you can wear one, and there are so many different sizes and styles. This season the pinky ring is one of the biggest trends. If you look close, you’ll see it on the finger of some of the biggest bloggers out there! Not only are they a simple and cute staple piece, but they are personalized! I decided I had to get one. Usually with something this expensive I take a few weeks to think about and see if I really do still want it after some time has passed. With this ring, three weeks later it was still all I could think about. I shopped around and the best quality for price and it had to be Sarah Chloe’s Lana pinky singlet ring in sterling silver. I had it engraved with an “L” in their script font. Personalization was free with the $118 ring and shipping was an extra $6. Luckily I was able to find a discount code for 15% off, my total was about $107 instead of $125. It’s not a huge discount but I’ll take what I can get! It arrived about a week later in a beautiful box that was well packaged and elegant looking. I feel like a kid at Christmas! It’s a good quality ring that I wear everyday and I love the my initial elegantly scrawled on top. This is going to be my go to place for personalized jewelry.

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