Too Much Boba?

Snow Monster OC

This weekend I was so excited to visit Snow Monster and grab a few drinks. I really do love boba and this place has been on my had to try list for awhile now. I went to the closest store to me located in the Anaheim Packing District. This location is referred as a “Mini Monster” because of the size and availability of some items. They served boba, and that’s all I wanted so I was happy.

The line was a little long but seemed to move quickly. I ordered a coffee horchata mixture with boba in a lightbulb glass. My friend had a honey black milk tea also with boba in a disposable plastic cup. We were able to get a of sugary caffeine fueled energy for just $12! We sat down to enjoy our drinks, but after a few sips I was so overwhelmed by the almost sickly sweet taste I had to set it aside.

Usually, boba is a good contrast with my sweet drink, but the boba from Snow Monster was lacking any flavor and the texture was slightly too soft. I am by no means a boba expert but I like some chewiness to my boba, the boba I tried had a more melted gummy texture.

I was a little disappointed in Snow Monster, but for the inexpensive price I would give them another try.

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