The Best Acne Product

Indie Lee

Indie Lee’s blemish lotion and blemish stick are the perfect combo to combat your acne. This is the only thing I have tried that can reduce redness and swelling overnight. At $26 for the blemish lotion and $28 for the blemish stick it can seem a little pricey, however I ordered them together and it only came out to $48 in total. If you do have to choose one, I would go with the blemish lotion.

The blemish lotion is perfect for those spots you want gone quick. Above there are a few pictures of my forehead before, and after using the blemish lotion for just one night! It reduced my redness and swelling. I also love to use this as a preventative measure when you fill that pimple starting to form on your nose.

The blemish stick is great for those stubborn pimples that refuse to go away. You apply the lipgloss looking application brush to you troubled areas, let dry, and then apply your makeup as usual. Its the no worry way to treat you acne! I will say I would avoid everyday usage, because it does dry out your skin, but I have found this the most effective and fastest way to clear up my face. I have been using these products for about a month and have found it is not even a quarter gone. This product has lasted me longer then expected! I use it quiet regularly and it is not even a quarter of the way gone after a month. Both the lotion and the stick dry quick so it is perfect when you are traveling or on the go as well!  One cotton swab and night and one dab in the morning and I’m good to go for the rest of my day. Indie Lee’s Blemish Lotion and Blemish Stick is the quick and easy way to get ride of those pesky pimples.


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