Monte Cristo Sandwich

Disneyland, Cafe Orleans

This sandwich has been on the top of Disney must try lists for years. On my last adventure to the happiest place on earth, I was finally able to try the famous sandwich I had read so much about. It cost $21 at Cafe Orleans.

When the sandwich was finally placed in front of us I noticed that the portion size was good for the price and considering it is, well, Disneyland. I took my first bite without any boysenberry jam, which is served on the side. My first bite, I thought it was good, especially with the salty sweet thing it had going on, but it was missing something! Well the solution seemed to right next it on the plate, the boysenberry spread!

I took my knife, spread the jam on my sandwich and took another bite. The jam helps with the dryness of the sandwich, but something still was quiet right. Unfortunately, I ate the rest of my sandwich wondering why this sandwich had been talked about so frequently among Disneyland lovers. Next time I will go back to eating my trusty Lobster Nachos.

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