Mango is not a household brand name, however, if you follow any bloggers on Instagram, you have been sure to come across the name. They have hundreds of “Mango Girls” who wear and promote their clothing on social media as well as on their own websites. I was always curious about this site because of their big fans in the fashion industry, but also because of their affordability.

Let’s be honest, most big bloggers now a days wear clothing worth more then I’ve made in my lifetime. However while scrolling through Mango’s site, I found more then a few pieces within my price range. First I discovered a beautiful loose white tank with a little scalloped edging by the neck. Original price was $39.99 but I got it on sale for $19.99! Next I looked around and found a elegant navy blue shirt with flowers decorating the front. This shirt was also originally $39.99 and was also on sale for the $19.99, it must have been my lucky day.

After my order was complete it was about $50 dollars with taxes and shipping. The order shipped two days later, and five days after that, they showed up at my door. They were nicely wrapped in a package labeled “Mango” and then individually wrapped up in plastic. Upon first glanced each piece looked fairly true to size. After trying them on I realize that they were in fact true to size and fit me pretty similarly to the models in the pictures. The blue shirt is so soft, I could almost sleep in it. The white loose tank is comfortable, but made out of a more sturdy material to keep its shape. I would definitely shop on again. However I don’t know if i would purchase everything that they have to offer. I was lucky finding a sale on their site, but if I had brighten my items at original price, I would not be as happy with my purchase. They are nice quality, and gorgeous and different pieces, but I cannot afford to spend $40 every time I need a cute shirt.

Curious about Mango?  Check out Below!


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