Lucky Brand

When you think Lucky Brand, shoes are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Their philosophy is to make comfortable clothing that you can actually live in. However, they also want to incorporate their Southern California roots to create unique pieces that can be worn over and over again. The boots I purchased were certainly cute and fashionable, but the details are what really make them stand out in a sea of boots.

I recently purchased these Lucky Brand shoes at a DSW store. DSW stands for Designer Shoe Warehouse and they always have a ton of shoes to choose from. My eyes were drawn to these particular ones because of their textured design and their comfort. I have a difficult time buying shoes because my feet are so sensitive. For example, I was trying on another pair of boots and after walking around the store for about 5 minutes the zippers on the back of the boots had already irritated and redden the back of  my ankle. These Lucky Brand boots were cute, and after wearing them around the store for a few minutes, there were no visible signs of injury. So I decided to purchase them, they came out to about $92 and a little change. All I could think is these shoes better be worth it!

Now it was time for the real test, wearing these shoes all day. When I first tried them on, I had thing almost nonexistent socks on. Today I managed to grab a thicker pair, so when I first slipped them on, they were a little tight and uncomfortable. The more I walked in them, the more they seemed to stretch and conform to the shape of my foot. After wearing them all day, about 15 hours, there are still no visible signs of injury on my feet and even with the little heel I was able to wear them all day without another thought.

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