LA Smorgasburg

Los Angeles, CA

Food! One of my favorite things to do, especially with friends and family is eat! At the LA Smorgasbyet, this little street fair is dedicated to just that. Enjoying food with you loved ones!

LA hosts the Smorgasburg every Sunday for summer. There are so many different types of delicious food I couldn’t choose! Me and my friend walked around first and tried to narrow down what we might want. Being a usual LA summer day, it got super hot super quick. We decided our first stop should be a ice cold drink. Which came in a reusable glass bottle for $10. How LA of them. But I was greatful for an ice cold drink in my hands.

After walking around a bit more we got in like to grab a pineapple filled with shrimp and rice. We were told the wait would be about 30 minutes but it was more like 45. I told my friend I would wait for the food while they looked for a seat. Finally after what seemed like the eternity in the hot sun, we got our pineapple! Was it worth 45 minutes in the hot sun? Probably not. Was it worth the $12 I spent? Maybe, it was enough to feed two people, but not enough to make two people full. Was it one of the best things I’ve tried? Yes. Everything was delicious in this pineapple. The shrimp, the rice, the macaroni salad, it was all amazing. And I don’t even like macaroni salad!

Before we headed out we grabbed one more treat. Ice cream wrapped in a bubble cone with fruit on top for $6.75. The wait was about 10 minutes. Not too bad, but by the time we got our picture worthy ice cream, we were ready to get out of there.

I can’t wait to go back! I love trying new things, especially new foods. It is a little expensive but parking is free for a few hours and there is no entry fee. You get what you pay for.

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