LA County Fair

Pomona Fair Grounds, CA

The LA County Fair is an event that I have come to look forward to every year, however it seems to be getting more and more expensive each year. Admission for a weekday is $14 a person and $20 on weekends, you include the $15 fee for parking and you’ve already spent close to $40 dollars and you haven’t even entered the fair yet. Contrary to popular belief, there are exhibits and things to do in the fair that are free. I love walking around, visiting the little pigs and goats in the petting zoo. For $3 you can buy some food and actually feed the animals out of your hand, which is one of the most cost effective activities there. Another awesome free attraction is going into Mojo’s Crazy and Wild Lagoon. Here I was able to see a giraffe, zebra, and a lemur. I also was watching two see little monkeys playing around with eachother and watch some kids hold a python all for free!

One of my other favorite activities, besides eating, is to walk around all the indoor shopping areas. I love being able to look at the little knick knacks while being in a cool air conditioned place out of the sun. These little indoor shopping areas are also the best places to use the restrooms, they tend to be the cleanest! Another great attraction was the little greenhouse pictured above. Each year it has a different theme and this year it was Alice in Wonderland. I loved the giant mushrooms and red roses everywhere. The fair this year seems like a success, filling a lot of my time with these free activities and getting in some exercise to burn off all that fair food I stuffed my face with.

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