House Of Chimney Cakes

Anaheim, CA

House of Chimney Cakes tastes as delicious as it looks! When I first arrived I was surprised by how slow it was for a Sunday. I walked straight up to the cashier and ordered a pre put together creation, the SO Hungry Delicious. It came in a vanilla sugar cone along with caramel corn, cheesecake, and pretzels on top. My total was $9.47 which seems like a lot for a dessert, but I figured why not go all out!? I was not disappointed. The soft serve was perfect, and the chocolate and caramel drizzle on top was a party in your mouth! Once I got to the cone, it was all over for my stomach because it tasted like a warm soft churro covered in ice cream. The only downside of this tasty treat was all the toppings overwhelming the beautiful flavor of the ice cream. I would go again, but I would recommend to keep it simple, but either way you go, I know you won’t be disappointed!

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