Garlic Festival

Gilroy, CA

Every year in the last weekend of July this little town in central California holds their famous garlic festival. When you think garlic, you probably think of garlic bread and/or garlic fries, but let me tell you. Gilroy puts garlic in and on everything. This festival is the place to go if you love to eat garlic. We tried garlic french fries, garlic honey, garlic bread, garlic watermelon, garlic kettle corn, and even garlic ice cream, and guess what, it was all delicious! Entrance into the festival was $18 a person if you buy a ticket early or $20 at the door. It was also great because the hotel we stayed at offered a free shuttle service to and from the festival! Of course in July it was so hot that my garlic ice cream melted before I was able to finish it, but the festival offered a unique “rain tent” that was full of water misters to keep yourself cool. My favorite part though of course was tasting all the food. My favorite was the garlic bread they sold, which was only $3 for four pieces. The bread sat in a little pool of butter and garlic, marinating, until you opened the bag to eat it. This festival was everything I hoped it would be and more, it was a nice weekend getaway, and I was able to eat and try all the garlic my heart desired. I can’t wait to go back next year and see what other garlic concoctions they come up with.

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