Festival Of Lights

Riverside, CA

The festival of lights happens once a year, starting the end of November and continues on until the end of December. This year I was really excited to go, and I could not believe how beautiful it was to see in person. My family and I went at about 8 pm, we paid $10 for parking at a nearby plot, then walked a few blocks to the festival. It was packed! This close to Christmas I would recommend going early, like right at sunset or so. It was packed, the line to get in to The Mission Inn looked at least an hour, if not longer. So, my family and I decided to walk around and just enjoy the lights from outside the gate. There are other activities and sights to see around the inn. Little booths were set up to do some Christmas shopping, as well as food stands, my favorite! The festival itself is free, however, of course, the food and shopping is not. I enjoyed myself and walking around listening to Christmas music, drinking hot coco, and looking at Christmas lights really got me into the holiday spirit! If you want to do something festive this season and don’t want to spend a lot of cash, I would look into going to see The Festival of Lights!

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