Countdown NYE

Everyone Should Do This at Least Once

This year I was actually able to dance my way into 2018. Don’t get me wrong, there was also alcohol and food involved, but I was happy to do something other then stand around. Going to any music festival is a once in a lifetime experience and something everyone should do at least once. Even if you figure out it’s not your thing, you will still be happy you went.

Countdown is a 2 day, yearly music festival that is put on for New Year’s Eve. I was lucky enough to be able to go this year. I only bought a one day ticket for Sunday or New Year Eve night. If you bought tickets for this night early, it was only $99, however I waited and my ticket was $119. So if you know you want to go, buy tickets early!

There are also drink and food stands scattered all throughout the venue, for extra charge of course, which can add up fast if you are not careful. At least parking is free, which is nice, and if you really let yourself get lost in the music, you will have a blast. Be prepared for lots of walking, and stay hydrated! The highlight of the night was counting down to midnight with Deadmau5, and Rick and Morty. There are always surprises that happen, which makes it even that much more fun! Go with friends you can spend hours with and make sure you have a somewhat loosely based out plan. Pick one or two people you want to see and then just go with the flow from there! Get lost in the music, have fun, and always make sure to keep some toilet paper in your pockets.


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