City Hearts

Los Angeles, CA

Desert Hearts is a group tribute to House, Techno, & Love. They put on events meant to bring people together. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend their first “City Hearts” event right in the middle of downtown LA. Tickets for this event were $56.25 each, including taxes. This price is not expensive for one day at a music festival, so I was super excited! My friend wanted to go for her birthday, so this was the perfect present.

We got to LA Center Studios about 30 minutes after the start time. We parked about a block away for $10 dollars and arrived at the entrance to a line about 10 minutes long. Once we were inside, we decided to walk around. There were vendors, a bar, a few food trucks, and an area where you could relax and sit down. Exploring took all of 10 minutes, due to the small size of the venue. After our short lived exploration, we started dancing in front of the one stage that was set up. After a few hours of dancing, drinks were in order, but at $12 we only grabbed one. More dancing followed until we were interrupted by our growling stomachs. We made our way to the food trucks where friend fries seemed like the most appealing option. Epic Taco’s, epic fries included guacamole, pico de gallo, carne asada, and nacho cheese. They were really good, and just what I needed after hours of dancing. For $15 dollars and with limited options, I was happy I found something yummy and delicious.

Finally after eating and more dancing, it was decided to call it a night 6 hours after getting there. I was glad tickets were not more expensive, because with one stage, and very little room the festival got a little tiresome. I would go again to a festival put on by Desert Hearts because I did enjoy myself, however the venue and stage were a little disappointing.


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