Cheap vs. Expensive

$5 vs $50 Sunglasses

Sunglasses, whether you have one pair or twenty, they are the best tool to protect your eyes and help you look good while doing so. Sunglasses range anywhere from $5 to over $300. I always wondered if there actually was a difference between cheap sunglasses and designer. I decided to find myself a few pairs of $5 glasses and compare them to my $55 dollar Quay sunglasses.  The Sunglass spot is a great online store where I can get all the sunglasses for $5 plus shipping. I opted for two more trendy pairs, one black with a retro 80’s feel and one with a pink see through lens. Armed with my three pairs of sunglasses I went out in search of some sun. Which wasn’t really that hard considering it’s spring in Southern California but I found a great spot at a park and use all three throughout the day.

My Quay’s, I Iove, the classic aviator frame and mirror lens. They can make it hard to see my phone but I also love the fact that I hardly notice the sun affecting my eyes. My black retro looking pair and smaller frames, I have the wear them a little low on my nose because of the nose pads. I felt fierce and sassy in them but after a few minutes in the blaring sun, I found myself squinting. Last but not least were my “pretty in pink” pair, which I surprisingly thought did a good job handling the sun. Would I wear them to a summer trip to Disneyland? Probably not. Would I wear them to a picnic in the park? Yes.

It seems that you get what you pay for. I would never pay $300 but my $55 sunglasses were the most comfortable and kept the sun from bothering my eyes. My $5 deals are great at achieving that “look” that I was going for, but I would never wear them at an all day, outdoor event.

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