Brazilian Blowout

Your Local Salon

The overall process began with a treatment to get all of the blue out of my hair. We used Malibu DDR and it was applied to all of my bottom layer of hair. I then sat under a hair dryer for about 20 minutes. Next came the most time consuming part, balayaging my whole head. A balayage is when the bleach is hand painted on the hair to create a more subtle and natural look. Lastly a quick toner to keep my strands looking gorgeous.

Afterwards, we started on the Brazilian Blowout. This is a smoothing treatment that is used to reduce frizz and improve the texture and dry time of your hair. I naturally have very curly, and very frizzy hair and this is my life saver. It starts with washing your hair multiple times using a clarifying shampoo to remove all the dirt, oils and product buildup from your hair so it is completely clean. The second step is applying the smoothing serum to every strand of your hair and combing it through. Then after it is applied to your entire head, it is blow dried and then gone over with a flat iron. Next your hair is washed again and the Brazilian Blowout mask is applied. After about 10 minutes of sitting with the mask on the treatment was done.

However, any good hairstylist never lets their clients leave wet. So my hair was again blow dried and then curled to achieve the look in the “after” picture. With my Brazilian Blowout, full balayage, Malibu treatment and toner my total came out to about $420 with tip. Now many people may have a heart attack at this number, but most people aren’t willing to do full color and a Brazilian Blowout in one sitting. If I was just to get a Brazilian Blowout done, it would have been about $200 for smooth, easy to manage hair. For even more information check out their website!

I have heard many stories of Brazilian Blowouts going wrong and below are some tips when looking for someone to do your Brazilian:

– Make sure they have taken the updated Brazilian Blowout class

-Make sure they don’t apply too much product on your hair. For example it should not be dripping wet, or smoking/ have a strong smell when being dried.

– Make sure they have all of the Brazilian Blowout products including the proper boar head bristle brush

– Their blow dryer should be on medium heat and nothing higher

– If your hair starts smoking at anytime make them stop and properly dry your hair and are using the correct heat

– The smell of the product may be a little irritating, but shouldn’t ever be unbearable!

Keep these tips in mind and you should be looking at the best version of your hair after your Brazilian Blowout. Check out the stylist that made this all possible below!


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