Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is a coffee that promotes itself for being the strongest coffee in the world. Being an avid coffee drinker, it was something that I needed to try. They have beans and grounds available, however I opted for their “Death Cups”, which are single serve cups that I could use in my Keurig. Before tax the cups were $15.99, then add $6.00 shipping and my total come out to a penny less than $22. For 10 cups of coffee, it turns out to be a little pricer then I would of liked.

It arrived about a week later and I was so stoked. I immediately opened the bag and started to make my first cup of Death Wish Coffee. The smell of coffee just smacks you right in the face as soon as you open the bag, this was when I started to get nervous. I made my coffee with two creams and a sugar and waited for it to cool off. I finally took my first sip, to discover the coffee was not bitter at all. When I say it is not bitter, I don’t mean, not bitter to the point where non coffee drinkers, “non-cafs” will like this. I mean that someone who drinks coffee on a semi usual basis will have no problem having a cup. The energy it gave me, seemed to be more then my usual cup of joe, but not too much to where I was bouncing off the walls.

This being the strongest cup of coffee in the world, I expected my stomach to hurt a little, but no side effects from the amount of caffeine at all. That is until about 3pm. Let me tell you, BEWARE, this is one of the biggest caffeine crashes I have ever had. About 5 to 6 hours after drinking my cup, I felt as if I could not keep my eyes open. I needed an extra boost mid day just to make it through my last two hours of work. This coffee is good if you already drink a cup of coffee in the afternoon, but for someone who only drinks one morning cup a day, the side effect was terrible. Would I drink this coffee again? Yes! Will I be drinking this coffee everyday? No. One, because of the price, and two, because I do not want to start needing two cups of coffee just to make it through my day. I get enough caffeine without needing to have coffee twice a day.

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