24 Karat Gold Ice Cream

Anaheim, CA

Looks good. Tastes good. Melts quickly.

This ice cream accessorizes better then I do! This ice cream only is available at Snowopolis in Anaheim, CA for $15! It is only served after 5pm and when we first went they were all sold out of the gold used on the ice cream. They said a shipment was coming in and to come back in an hour. We ate some dinner and then headed back. Luckily their shipment arrived on time! We order one golden ice cream cone and because we waited we got a little discount. It was only a dollar off but I’ll take it!

About 5 minutes later I was presented with a vanilla waffle cone covered in edible 24K gold sheets. It looks great, and tastes like your typical, yummy vanilla, soft serve ice cream. The only con to this treat is how fast the ice cream melts. Because they have to cover the ice cream with the golden sheets, by the time your ice cream arrives in your hands it is already in a semi melted state.

Would I eat it again? Yes. Would I pay $15 again for it? No. But hey, it makes a great Instagram post if you’re into that sort of thing.

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